In the Midst of Things (photography)



Sarah Hiatt’s series examines childhood and adolescence in all its uncomfortable bleakness. The children’s faces are intense; their house and neighborhood aggressively normal. Hiatt is different from the many photographers who choose to simply accentuate the eccentricities of a home or a family setting: for those photographers, it is as though an ugly wallpaper and a loud blazer is enough to make a nondescript couple fascinating. But everything that is interesting and strange about this family—whoever they are, wherever they live—seems to come from within them. In the Midst of Things is a work in progress, which you can (and should!) check out here.

Sarah Hiatt is a 28-year-old Southwest Missouri native residing in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a candidate in the MFA Photography program at Columbia College Chicago. Her work centers around childhood and the transition into adolescence, when we become psychologically and physically aware. Her photographs have been in numerous national and international exhibitions. Visit her website at